"I am an associate at Princeton Public Affairs Group and I would like to share our firms’ experience in retaining Patricia Phelan Clapp to successfully build our corporate LinkedIn presence.After winning us over with her LinkedIn orientation presentation, Patti had quite the challenge ahead of her. 

Her soon to be new client Princeton Public Affairs Group, the number one state lobbying firm in the country, remained cautious about our brand and reputation as the industry leader; however, being the industry leader we understood the importance of staying current with our involvement with the evolution of business oriented social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Patti walked us through the process and we created an aggressive timeline for her to complete the objectives we collaborated on with her. The stages of her work were always complete, thorough and delivered in a timely manner.Additionally, Patti demonstrated a maturity that allowed her to comprehend as well as synthesize the nature of our business whereby she was able to conduct outreach on her own to every member on our staff. Patti’s work ethic was demonstrated while working with very busy schedules where she sought out solutions to have that one on one time be it in person or over the phone. 

As the firm’s communication point person I was pleased I did not have to be the middle (wo)man, I handed over the reins to Patti and trusted my colleagues were in good hands.It is my recommendation that you consider Patti for any of your LinkedIn needs or social media package management. 

The team consensus was it was a pleasure to work with her. We look forward to keeping in touch with Patti and tapping into her wealth of knowledge, as we discovered you really need an expert focused on the companies’ or individual’s goals." 

Lorna O'Hara - Strategic Advisor at Princeton Public Affairs Group


"When TCBY, PC hired Patti as the law firm’s social media consultant to brand our firm using LinkedIn, she very quickly helped us understand the value of a professional platform.

Our law firm’s referrals come primarily from our clients, other attorneys and experts. What Patti taught us was that LinkedIn could not only serve to expand our base of contacts with professionals in related fields, but it was also a site where many people vetted the attorney or law firm they were contemplating hiring.  

Patti’s professional and intelligent showcasing of our law firm as well as the skills, awards, and accomplishments of the individual attorneys in the firm, gave us not just new clients, but the type of clients who our firm is looking to attract and cultivate. 

Patti spent time not only understanding and comprehending our overall business goals, but applied those goals to a strategy which not only showed the strengths and depth of our entire firm, but also highlighted each individual attorney within the firm. 

Most importantly, she was able to “unify” as well as “individualize”, to engage our audience in manner that was in sync with our overall marketing plan. Patti’s skills include business development, strategic marketing as well as writing. As you can see, each profile has a story. She made sure she got to know each one of us in order to correctly align a personalized branding strategy for the firm. 

Her knowledge of the legal industry, including the various legal approaches of a family law practice (traditional, collaborative law, and mediation) was also helpful to her in designing our platform. She did not waste time with ideas or platforms that that did not fit us, and she was able to generate a plan that was right for us. She was also able to quickly deliver and manage this project independently for us, which was very important to me, as the managing partner of the law firm. She made herself completely accessible to every member of the firm when they needed her, worked seamlessly with LinkedIn to make sure that we had the correct material and platform we could be proud of at the end of the day.

Her motivation to help, her work ethic and her business savvy as well as her superior knowledge of the social media platform all combined to give her the ability to design the plan which was, in my opinion, the best for us, all at a cost that was very reasonable and certainly competitive with other people purporting to provide these services.

It is my understanding that Patti currently has clients across the US and internationally due to her in depth knowledge of LinkedIn. However, I believe that no matter how successful her business becomes she will always be a very “hands-on” project manager who will independently design and manage the platform and profiles.

 Gary H. Tabat - Managing Partner at Tabat, Blum, Cohen & Yovino


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patti to help shape my career transition path and job search. She is an exceptional career strategist who understands the intersection of social media, executive communication protocols and how to best maximize LinkedIn networks to grow business relationships and uncover career opportunities. She is also a terrific collaborator and through her experience of working with a broad base of other executives, is able to bring both sound business acumen and career insights during our meetings.

Patti’s exceptional knowledge of learning how to leverage my LinkedIn contacts has been the best career advice I’ve had in my career search. It has directly lead to numerous new business relationships and interviews resulting in my current position. I would highly recommend Patti to any forward thinking business organization."

John S. Pearsall - Sales Executive Agency Partner Team at Vallasis


"Doing business with Patricia Phelan Clapp (Patti) is like doing business with a friend whose expertise you greatly admire and whose demeanor is just as much professional as it is knowledgeable, positive, and energetic. Patti did not let me down a single time. She was a fantastic social media resource at an important time for me and our company.

Patti is a broad-minded person to work with, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. She is extremely diligent and does not hesitate to reach out whenever there is a need.

I highly recommend Patti to anyone who needs strategic or tactical help in developing and implementing a social media program."

Pat Smith - Co-owner at Career Systems International


"If you are thinking about the next step in your career journey or simply want to connect with people that can help you learn, Patti is the person you want to meet. She is equal parts digital / LinkedIn expert and job coach. She has the ability to draw out your work experience and personal story and then help you articulate it in a way that your present and future connections can understand and embrace.

In addition, Patti's energy and enthusiasm give her clients reason to feel confident that they will find not just a job, but "the perfect job." 
From the day I met Patti, I became more confident about my future and more sure that the tools she was sharing would open the right doors for me. Thanks to Patti's help with my profile, as well as her connections and coaching, I am happy to say I landed the exact job I wanted at a fantastic company.

If you want to wake up every morning excited about what you do, reach out to Patti and learn to tell your story. Best decision I've made in many years."

Mike Tempora - Vice President/General Manager at Asurion


"As someone who truly has not embraced social media. I could not have asked a better person then Patricia to introduce me to LinkedIn. She set me up and developed a strategic plan for me in using LinkedIn to enhance my business presence. She made the entire process work.

I strongly recommend Patricia."

Patti McGuire - Strategic Advisor & Lobbyist at Princeton Public Affairs Group


"LightSpeed Technologies recently hired Patti to manage our social media & online recruiting efforts. Not only did we find highly talented candidates and save money compared to a headhunter, but Patti's proficiency in social media also helped us raise our brand awareness due to her social media expertise.

We will continue to use Patti and recommend her to anyone who is looking to use Social Media & LinkedIn to effectively recruit highly talented candidates and enhance their brand awareness and online presence."

Joe Caruso - Vice President at Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.